The language below is the result of a tireless effort to combine our abilities to access many SFX companies simultaneously to provide you with the widest range of possibilities. Once you have made your request, we will search through literally hundreds of sound effects to find you the perfect SFX for your project. All SFX licensing agreements are non-exclusive. Below you will find the specific language that will be provided upon payment. We also have the flexibility to offer you the best terms for units sold or length of license to fit your particular project needs.

SFX Licensing Agreement

Blue Vision Music has been granted permission to use and provide their clients the sound effects contained in this project with the understanding that the original license remain intact. Therefore it is understood that this sub-license is extended to you for the non-exclusive worldwide use of the sound effects contained in the product described as _________________. The sound effects license is granted for __________ copies of the product described herein. The sound effects cannot be used, for any other use other than with this product unless permission is granted by the original Licensor. These sound effects cannot be used as standalone sound effects but only as an integral part of this product. Any unauthorized use, distribution, duplication or delivery of these effects is strictly prohibited. The purchaser is responsible for its lawful use of the individual sounds and combinations thereof.

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